Download here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/ndklagefmdogpfkffimjdnbnplllndic?hl=en&authuser=0

  • Can I use other web3 wallets (like Metamask) apart from E Money Wallet for testnet? Yes, you can use other web3 wallets. But we recommend using E Money Wallet for the testnet, as other web3 wallets might be incompatible with all the E Money Network testnet features.

  • Is Email verification process necessary? Email verification process is only applicable during the wallet creation process. The user has to verify the email twice - first for email verification, and later for Sumsub KYC during the wallet creation process.

  • Do I have to whitelist addresses before I send and receive tokens? Whitelisting process is applicable only if you are transferring tokens (EMYC, etc.) from any wallet other than the E Money wallet. If you are sending EMYC from your E Money Wallet to your friend’s E Money Wallet, then they don’t need to whitelist their address, as both of you are already using E Money Wallet. However, if you want to send EMYC from a web3 wallet (not a E Money Wallet) like Metamask, then you will need to whitelist your web3 wallet address using the E Money Network whitelist system here.

  • What dApps will be live on the testnet? We will be launching multiple dApps during the entirety of the testnet period. Stay Tuned and follow us on Twitter for official updates.

  • Can users access the testnet from mobile devices? No, the testnet is accessible only from desktop or laptop devices, and the wallet is only compatible with the Chrome browser for now.

  • Do I have to hold $SCLP tokens to participate in testnet? No, there is no requirement to hold $SCLP tokens. However, we do recommend holding $SCLP on a decentralised wallet to be eligible for future $EMYC airdrop. More details on the running reward program here.

  • I am a developer, where can I refer for developer docs? You can check out more details at docs.emoney.network

  • Do I need to sign in from a Google Account to install the E Money Wallet Chrome extension? Please ensure you are signed in from our personal Gmail account when downloading E Money Wallet from the Google Chrome extension. If you are not signed in from any Google account or signed from a private Google company, you might not be able to access the extension.

More details: https://blog.emoney.io/announcements/e-money-network-testnet-goes-live

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