Grant Program

Why does E Money Network have a grant program?

The E Money Network grant program aims to accelerate the development of innovative applications that leverage blockchain technology for real-world assets (RWAs). We are open to offering direct support ( in terms of monetary grants, consultation) to talented developers around the world who can build applications on E Money Network.

For discussion related to the grant program you can join our discord

How does the application process work?

If you are a developer, you can submit your application form and join our grant channel from our discord channel. In the form, we will need your information about your project, team, technical and mission overview, etc.

Once submitted, our selection committee will internally review your application and if you are shortlisted, our team will invite you for an interview as a next step.

What are the specific categories of the projects that will get funded?

E Money Network aims to support the following categories of projects (but not limited to )

  • RWA Tokenisation platforms

  • DeFi for RWAs

  • RWA Marketplaces

  • RWA Tracking and Management Tools

  • Novel RWA-centric decentralised applications

What kind of developer (developmental team) experience, for projects, are you looking for?

We are interested in offering grants to developers with a strong technical background in blockchain technologies ( eg: Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, etc.)

As a developer, what are the benefits of joining E Money Network's grant program?

In addition to grants that will help develop your project on E Money Network, you will get mentorship and guidance from our core developers and selection committee.

Our team will provide you with E Money Network's technical resources and infrastructure to build your application. Also, you can leverage our community strength for product feedback and promotions after the product launch.

What is your selection criteria for the grant program?

We can't disclose the exact criteria for the grant program for the fair selection process. However, our criteria will be based on multiple factors, including project potential, team experience, developmental feasibility, etc.

What is the grant amount if I get selected?

The grant amount will be decided during the interview stage with our selection committee, and the final grant amount will depend on the project scope and potential impact. Each project's grant amount will be decided based on the requirement for the project's team developmental plan and budget.

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