$SCLP Community Airdrop Announcement

Dear $SCLP Community,

We are thrilled to announce our biggest community airdrop for $SCLP holders to date: an airdrop of a whopping 1 million $SCLP tokens. This initiative is our way of giving back to you, our loyal community, for your unwavering support through the ups and downs of our journey.

Why This Airdrop?

This airdrop is more than just a distribution of tokens; it’s a heartfelt token of gratitude from the entire $SCLP team. We want to acknowledge and thank you for standing by us and believing in our mission. Your support has been the backbone of our project, and we are committed to continuing to build and innovate for the benefit of our community.

Airdrop Details

To ensure fairness and excitement, there will be periodic snapshots throughout the next month:

First Snapshot: 3rd June, 11.59 PM UTC

Periodic Snapshots: To be conducted throughout the following month

The airdrop will be distributed in different proportions to everyone holding $SCLP depending on their snapshots. The more $SCLP your snapshots show, the greater your allocation in the airdrop. To become eligible, you must hold your $SCLP tokens in a decentralized wallet such as MetaMask or similar web3 wallets during these snapshots. Please note that tokens held on centralized exchanges will not be eligible for the airdrop. Stakers staking $SCLP tokens are also eligible for the airdrop. This approach not only rewards our long-term holders but also ensures you have complete control over your tokens.

Airdrop Distribution

The airdrop distribution will happen before the Token Generation Event (TGE) of E Money Network, dates for which will be announced very soon. This will ensure that your $SCLP tokens are put to good use and allow you to maximize your allocation.

A Commitment to Our Community

We want to assure you that this is just the beginning. Our commitment to rewarding our community goes beyond this airdrop. As we move forward, we promise to deliver more exciting ventures and incentives that align with our community's interests and needs. Your support is crucial to our success, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your faith in us is well-placed.

Stay Tuned for Our Biggest Announcement

We have some exciting announcements and developments coming up, and we can't wait to share them with you. This airdrop is a precursor to one of our biggest announcements yet, something that will mark a significant milestone for $SCLP and its community. Your continued support and participation are vital to these upcoming endeavors. Together, we can achieve great things and make a lasting impact in the crypto space.

Thank You for Your Support! We deeply appreciate your trust and loyalty. This airdrop is a testament to our belief in the power of our community.

Let’s continue to grow and succeed together. Stay connected for more updates and announcements!

With gratitude,

The $SCLP Team

Airdrop FAQs : https://blog.emoney.io/faqs/usdsclp-community-airdrop

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