E-Money Network Beta Quest

Participate here: https://quest.emoney.network/

  • Which wallet should I use for the beta quest program? We recommend you use E Money Wallet for the beta quest program, as other web3 wallets might not be compatible with all the quest features.

  • Will I get points for completing quests in the Beta quest program? Yes, you will get points for completing quests, and you will be rewarded with Beta quest NFT as a mark for successfully completing all quests.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to get beta quest NFT? You will have to complete all the listed quests under the testnet quest to get rewarded with beta quest NFT.

  • Can I create a secondary EVM address under E Money Wallet and complete the quest? No. Only use your default primary EVM address linked with your E Money Wallet. Newly generated addresses linked with your E Money wallet will not support quest functionality.

  • Will I be eligible to earn airdrops if I complete the quest? Currently, you will be rewarded the NFT and other exclusive rewards for the quest will be announced soon on our official Twitter channel @emoney_network

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